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PRP (platelet rich plasma) is a platelet-rich plasma. They are special blood cells that play an important role in platelet count, in the healing of tissues, and in blood clotting. The main role of the recovery mechanism of the organism are carried out by the platelets.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which is obtained after blood has undergone the necessary steps with a very fine hypodermic needle is injected into the scalp. All treatments are completed in about 30 minutes. Tissue development starts, damaged hair follicles to be repaired and new strengths produced her in the place where the treatment is performed. It is particularly recommended to also get maximum results from the deployed grafts after the hair transplantation treatment.

Restored and renovated the tissues, provides production of new collagen and development of new vasculature. Tissue damage is repaired by growth factors and restructuring between cells and new tissues are formed. It is a physiological antibiotics with antibodies. Rich in hormones, vitamins and other nutritional additives

Your hair transplant treatment takes place in a modern hair transplant clinic in İstanbul. The clinic is fully dedicated to clients who wants to undergo aesthetic or reconstructive treatments. The clinic is a luxurious setting that is in possession of all international labels for hair transplants. The experienced hair transplantation specialists in the clinic have their medical training. The method of the clinic is constantly optimized for the needs of their clients and to ensure their health. They are regularly trained through international conferences. This makes them keep abreast of developments on hair transplantation. The mission is to help anyone who is looking for a medical treatment to provide a comfortable, stress-free and high-quality treatments.

Hundreds of people from different countries are using every year with great satisfaction the services of the clinic.

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