Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, we should perform aesthetic operations for our patients who are older than 18 years unless there is a medical obligation.

Of course there is and must be. Not every operation can be combined with another. A patient who needs multiple operations should discuss with their physician and it must be determined which ones can be carried out together considering their general health condition and recovery period.

We definitely recommend to remedy breathing and aesthetical problems together in the same rhinoplasty operation if possible.

We now know that breast silicones do not increase the prevalence of breast cancer.

No. Particularly the silicones placed under the breast fold will not give any damage to milk ducts.

No. Routine breast cancer scanning methods can be applied in our patients with breast prosthesis implanted, i.e. mammography, breast ultrasonography, breast MR, and even breast biopsies by experienced hands can be applied.

We can only tell this by an examination. We can determine your breast size according to your height and weight as well as the measurements of your shoulders and chest cage.

Kesin tanı muayene sonucu söylenebilir ancak büyük ihtimalle göğüs dikleştirme ve protez ameliyatını beraberce yapmak gerekebilir. Çünkü mevcut göğüs dokusunun hacmine göre göğüs dikleştirme yapmak bazen yetersiz kaldığı için bir protez ile desteklemek gerekebilir.

The final diagnosis can be told only by an examination, but most probably it would be necessary to perform both breast lifting and prosthesis operations. Since breast lifting is sometimes not enough depending on the volume of the existing breast tissue, it might be necessary to support with a prosthesis.

Of course operation is not a must. As plastic surgeons, we always consider an operation as the last resort. There are many applications to change the face including botox fillings, prp applications, chemical or laser face peelings etc. which can be recommended for those with a medical condition making an operation impossible.

First of all, liposuction is not an operation to lose weight but to correct the contour. It should be noted that the amount of weight loss is not the only factor affecting your body contour. Therefore, liposuction provides effective results when applied on the resistant fat accumulation areas for people who are not overweighted and engaged in a regular exercise and diet program.

We can better define the body contours by the liposuction performed by the method called VASER liposuction which is the contribution of the technology to the plastic surgery in the recent years, and it also allows defining abdomen muscles especially in male individuals. Liposuction by this method causes less bleeding and less edema and shortens the use period of a corset and ensures a quicker return to the social life.

You will be asked to fill in a medical history form (please bring details of any tablets or medicines you are taking to your initial assessment) and you may need an X-ray. You will meet one of the specialists who will discuss the proposed treatment with you and arrange a treatment appointment if you wish.

We are an oral surgery service but we can offer sedation as well for people who are anxious about having treatment and who are suitable for treatment under sedation.

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