Correct Planning
Correct Planning

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Do you really need an operation? How should be the correct planning?

Not in only aesthetic surgery, but in all aesthetic applications, the question whether a patient actually needs the application they wish to have should probably be our greatest concern. A thin line on the face which a patient is aware of and disturbed by can be removed with a very simple intervention while sometimes the attempt to remove such line turns into a result that disappoints the patient.

Especially in many cases which require to be solved by a surgical intervention, I first discuss whether my patient actually needs a certain operation or not. The need of operation for a patient with a minor excess angle on the tip of the nose is always disputed compared to a patient whose nose tip is totally inclined to one side. And sometimes, a small spot on the face annoys a person more than all signs of aging. Therefore, it becomes harder to find an answer to the question which patient needs what.

Our second most significant issue is what kind of an operation a patient with a certain operation need will undergo by which technique. This question must be answered and explained in detail to the patient before the operation. The key for it is to explain the patient what is expected as the result of a customized correct planning.

As in all positive sciences, there are and will always be certain values, aspects, and measurements in the Plastic Surgery doctrine. However, your measurements and values are the most determining factors in your operation as in almost all operations. I often tell this art to my patients as tailored clothing. A person can buy a dress of the correct size that perfectly fits them from a very fancy store, but operations to be performed on your body must be personally planned and performed like a dress sewn by a tailor.

Following this step, another important point is the fact that the operation to be performed is a surgery, and complications may always arise, and it might be not possible to immediately predict what kind of complication may occur or the final outcome. This is a recovery period, and will take time, and some symptoms will be normal in this period.

Permanence of the outcome obtained from an operation is another debate. A fact that must be known by all patients is that no operation effect will last forever. For instance, breasts of a patient who has undergone mastopexy will certainly go through a change, or it cannot be imagined that the face of a patient who has undergone a face-lift operation will not be affected from anything and always remain the same over years.

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