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Ultherapy is a new technology, which could treat face lifting operation that could not be achieved by laser technologies and only accomplished by surgical operations, without injections and healing process with no risk factor. The result got after just one session is reserved for at least 2 years. Thanks to its reliable technology, it is quite easy to reach effective and pleasing results on skin with just one session. Ultheraphy is applied to neck to reform prolapse on neck and double chin; to eye brow and forehead area to lift eyebrows; to forehead to reshape forehead area; to eyelids to decrease excessive skin over upper eyelids; to décolleté to reshape winkles on décolleté area. With this treatment, Ultrasound energy reaches to deep tissues; thus, it generates face lifting and tightening effects on skin. Patient could continue daily social life right after the operation. There is not any significant point to pay attention.


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