Facial Mesotherapy


Facial mesotherapy is applied to reverse the aging effects on face, neck and back of hand tissues and all men and female patients between ages of 35 and 55 benefit from this treatment. It is quite easy to refresh the areas of neck and face which could have signs of aging earlier with facial mesotherapy. While mesotherapy could change from person to person, it takes 8-10 sessions to complete the treatment. The method is extremely practical and therapy finishes approximately in 10-15 minutes. After the operation, there are no foreseen side effects which could negatively affect daily routines of patients. Sometimes, small rashness or darkness could occur on needle puncture sites.

Facial mesotherapy could be performed with 1 or 4 weeks of intervals in the beginning per need of patient and the patient could get visible results after the second session. Facial mesotherapy cannot be applied to the ones who are pregnant and stroke survivor or who has cancer and blood coagulation disorders.


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