Cryo Lipo Sense

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Cyro Lipo Sense is a controlled and locational hypothermia method which aims getting rid of adipocytes after disabling them with hypothermia. Cyro Lipo Sense helps permanently reduce fat deposit on body parts like belly, sides of body, hypogastria formed after childbirth, back, hip and leg from 20% to 40% on one single session. Approximately one-hour session of locational Cyro Lipo Sense helps lose weight without dieting or doing exercises. Cyro Lipo Sense could not be applied to pregnant women, the ones with cardiac pacemaker, the ones with one kidney and the ones having prosthesis on the treatment location. It is important to drink 2 or 3 liters of water in a day after the treatment to increase metabolic rate and activate circulatory system.


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