Eyelid Aesthetics
Eyelid Aesthetics

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Eyelid Aesthetics

Aesthetic eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is an operation performed to remove any excess skin and fat bags on the lower and upper eyelids. You can get rid of the fat bags occurring on lower and upper eyelids as well as the excess skin sagging and restricting the visual field by this operation.

Aesthetic eyelid surgery provides a younger and more dynamic appearance to patients as well as evidently reducing the inclination to sleep which has functionally increased.


The first operational step is detailed planning and highly critical for leading the way for surgical intervention. Operation to be performed by marking in this step will be described to the patient once again, and it will be once more detailed what kind of interventions will be made in which areas.

Blepharoplasty is often performed under local anesthesia or the combination of local anesthesia and sedation anesthesia. In both types of anesthesia some initial anesthetics will be applied to reduce anxiety and comfort the patient prior to the operation, and thus the patient will feel no pain during the operation. A patient to be put under sedation anesthesia planned at the end of the pre-operation anesthesia-related meeting should avoid eating starting at least 6 hours before the operation.

Upper blepharoplasty will last about 30 minutes and excess skin, muscle and fat tissue will be removed depending on the need during the operation. The cut made during the operation will be on the curve of the eyelid and end in parallel with the goosefoot at the edge of the eye.

Lower blepharoplasty will last 1 hour and the cut will be made 2 mm under eyelashes. Fat bags causing bagging especially on the lower lid will be removed and reformed during this operation. Excess skin will be removed as well.

In both operations, subcutaneous stitches will be sutured and no pain will be felt during removal of the sutures. Sterile tapes will be adhered on lower and upper eyelids and then the patient will be transferred to the patient room.

Cold compress will be applied on eyelids at intervals for a few days following the operation. This will minimize edema and bruises that may occur.

Mild pain and aching are common as of the 2nd hour following the operation and can be completely controllable by simple painkillers.

Recovery will be fast and the swellings occurring within the first 2 days will quickly go back to normal, and the patient can continue their normal life using sunglasses as of the first day. While bruises are not very common, it might be rarely seen due to the sensitive structure of the lid skin, and it will highly regress in 4-5 days.

The first dressing will be on the 2nd day following the operation and sutures will be removed on the 6th day following the dressings made every two days. At the end of this period, various massages can be recommended to the patient to quickly get rid of the mild edema remaining.

An eyedrop deemed necessary by your surgeon might be recommended in addition to antibiotics and painkillers to be prescribed for 1 week following the operation. Light sensitivity and lacrimation can be seen for 2-3 weeks although quite rare, but these complaints will diminish without any action in a short time.

Most patients hope that the ptosis on the edge of eyebrows will be corrected by aesthetic eyelid operation. However, aesthetic eyelid operation will provide a rejuvenation around the eyes but the ptosis of the eyebrows cannot be eliminated. Eyebrow suspension techniques must be included in the operation to correct this area.

Rejuvenation around the eyes will make eyes look more vivid and dynamic while botulinum toxin (BOTOX) to be applied 2 weeks after as requested by patients can remove the mimic wrinkles occurring between the eyebrows and ensure more satisfying results.