Tooth Whitening

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Color change in teeth due to internal or external reasons causes a bad look in aesthetical terms. Restoring the tooth color, or even making it whiter than its original shade by chemical methods under the control of a dentist is called tooth whitening (bleaching).

Tooth whitening is applied in two categories including home-type and office-type:

Office Type: It is the application of bleaching that takes about 1 hour, using special whitening agents in clinic environment. The result will be immediately noticeable upon completion of the application.

Home Type: : It is a follow-up treatment. The patient will be given special whitening kits and transparent plaques to be used at home following the bleaching. Such plaques prepared specifically for the patient should be left on the teeth to be whitened for 6-8 hours preferably when sleeping. The most effective way is to use the combination of these two methods. The number of sessions can be increased if deemed necessary by your doctor.


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