Botilinum Application
Botilinum Application

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Botilinum Application

Botilinum application is a method applied to mitigate or remove mimic wrinkles on the face.

It is applied in proper doses of the drug on the application area by small needles following local anesthetic cream applied on the application area. There might be small red spots on the application area following the operation for a few hours and they usually vanish spontaneously.

Application areas should not be massaged the first day following the application. The botox will show its effect in 4-7 days and the wrinkles on the application areas will reduce.

Efficiency of botox will continue for 4-6 months following the operation but this period can be less depending on personal features. The most common side effect of the botox in aesthetic face applications is the temporary bruises and pain that can appear on application areas, and eyelid ptosis can rarely be seen in the applications around the eyes due to its effect on the muscles lifting the eyelid. These are all temporary effects.

The drug can be applied to patients of full age without any muscle disease such as Myastenia Gravis, or any skin damage or infection in application areas, and if the patient is not pregnant or breastfeeding.

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