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It is the female-type breast growth in male individuals. It is especially resulted from the increase of the breast tissue under the nipple which is normally of a small amount or the increase of fat amount inside of the breast or the combination of these two causes. Gynecomastia can arise as the side effect of some drugs or sometimes from hormonal disorders or weight gain. It can impair the aesthetical appearance of males and lead to difficulties in clothing in social life and psychological issues.

How Should The Surgeon Decide The Treatment İn Case Of Gynecomastia?

There are 3 periods that considered normal for breast enlargement in human life.

  1. Period 1 is the infant period and results from the transfer of the estrogen in mother’s blood to the infant and will spontaneously recover in a while.
  2. Period 2 is the adolescence and results from the hormonal fluctuations during growing up and will spontaneously recover in a few years.
  3. Period 3 is the old age and characterized by enlargement of the breasts due to the reduction in androgen. If the cause leading to breast tissue enlargement is the increase in gland tissue, it is called glandular type or the increase in fat issue, called as adipose type, or the combination of these two, called combined type gynecomastia, and the treatment is planned accordingly. Excess skin can be seen depending on size of the breast tissue.

How İs Gynecomastia Operation Performed? What Type Of Operation Will Be The Best For You?

The decision should be made jointly by the patient and the physician based on the gynecomastia treatment plan as in almost all aesthetical surgery operations. A surgical treatment will be planned depending on the size of the breast tissue, whether it contains fat or gland tissues more, and whether there is excessive skin needed to be removed, and whether there is asymmetry between the breasts.

It is categorized under 3 main groups in surgical treatment. For the cases with fat components, liposuction, i.e. fat vacuuming is the most preferred method. VASER liposuction used to reshape not only breasts but many parts of the body today can provide better results and also have some effect on cases that also contain glandular components and be effective in shaping the breast tissue. This method allows removing the fact tissue under the breast by 1-2 small entry holes on each breast.

The procedure usually lasts 1-2 hours depending on the size of the breast tissue, under general anesthesia. A corset will be provided to ensure a better fit and shaping of the breast skin on the base after the procedure. It is recommended to use this corset for 2-4 weeks.

The second method involves removal of tissues out of the breast. This method is usually used in addition to liposuction particularly in cases where the gland tissue behind the areola is too solid and widespread. We can also call it part removal from the breast tissue by a half moon-shaped cut made around the areola. The cut area is usually closed by aesthetic stitches following the operation, and it leaves a hardly visible scar around the areola.

This method usually increases the operating time 30-45 minutes and it might be necessary to use drains to prevent any complications such as bleeding or seroma (fluid accumulation under the operation area) in the recovery period. These drains will be left on the operation area for a few days.

The third method is used in case of any excess skin that needs to be removed, and the skin will be removed as planned depending on the size of the breast along with the other methods explained above. If this procedure will be performed as agreed with your surgeon, the most important consideration here is to predefine what kind of a scar it will result in. Skin removal takes place in such a broad range that skin can be simply removed all around the nipple leaving a hardly visible scar in future or the methods used to reduce big breasts can also be needed. Therefore, pre-operation planning is critical to define what you need. Removal of excess skin is usually necessary particularly in gynecomastia treatment to remove any skin sagginess resulting from weight loss after the bariatric surgery which treat obesity, the disease of our age.


  • It is important that the patient informs the doctor in detail of their chronic diseases if any (coronary, lung, goiter, anemia), which treatments they receive, and especially any previous operations performed on the abdominal region. If the patient has any specific disease related to lung, coronary or intestinal systems, these must be brought under control a certain time before the operation.

    It must be noted that diabetes mellitus that is not under control can lead to complications in the post-operation recovery period.

    Blood thinners including should not be used in two weeks before and after the operation. All kind of vitamins and herbal medicines should also be cut off two weeks before the operation.

    Quitting smoking 1 month before the operation is particularly important to ensure healing of scars and prevent other undesired post-operation complications.


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