Male Genital (Penis) Aesthetics

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Male Genital (Penis) Aesthetics

All aesthetical interventions to change the appearance or size of penis due to inherent or subsequent reasons are included in aesthetic penis operation. They are among the operations more often preferred by male patients in recent years to improve the sexual life quality and eliminate any aesthetical concerns.

Aesthetic penis operations are not intended to solve any erection problems and do not cause such problems if performed by the right hands.

Aesthetic penis operations are categorized under 3 main groups:

  1. Penis thickening
  2. Penis elongation
  3. Correction of penis bends

Complaints of the patient must be carefully listened and a detailed physical examination is required prior to all those operations, and the operation must take place only when it is made sure that the requests of the patient match those that can be performed by the surgeon.

In penis elongation and thickening operations, it must be carefully evaluated by the patient and the physician what the normal size of the penis is, what size the penis should be to have a healthy sexual life, and it is also important to correct all the incorrect information about the penis in society.

Penis Thickening

It is the most demanded one among aesthetic penis operations. Patients can have complaints as of the onset of the adulthood while the penis can stay thin especially due to weight gain.

The most preferred method in penis thickening is fat injection. In this method, fat obtained by liposuction from any part of the body is made ready to be transferred into the penis and then injected using thin cannulas. There will be no cut scar on the penis. In the long term others cannot usually notice the fat injection operation into the penis. This is the simplest operation in terms of technique. Fat is injected as much as needed not in the body of the penis but in between the penis skin and its body. Hence penis parts related to erection and urinary tract will be completely protected. No enlargement will be performed on the penis head (glans penis). No deformation or erection problem will be experienced in the long term following the operation. Fat injection can be applied multiple times to a patient.

The most important to be known here is that only part of the fat injected into the penis will stay there. This applies for the entire body in case of actual fat transfers. Not all fat injected into an area will hold on to and remain alive on that area. This depends on some factors including the amount of the fat injected, alanine blood build-up. Therefore, in case of fat injection into the penis, survival rate of the fat cells in penis tissues does not exceed 25-30%. However, the surviving part will remain there for a lifetime and the volume requested is attempted to achieve since it can be repeated multiple times. Besides, it should be noted that the fat cells injected do not spread evenly especially within the first 3 weeks but this is a temporary situation; sometimes fat cells injected may need to be discharged and cured by antibiotics due to infection; and very rarely cystic structures can form in between fat cells and these can be removed by minor interventions. There will be no loss of sense in the penis.

Penis can be widened using artificial fillings. However, it should be noted that the amount to be needed to thicken the penis by these substances will be quite a lot and this can lead to a big increase in the costs, and artificial fillings are also not permanent.

Penis can be thickened by placing cells obtained from any part of the body in between the penis skin and the penis body. However, this method should be carefully evaluated in terms of the transferred tissue’s ability to survive there and the complications that may arise in the meantime.

Penis Elongation

Penis elongation is totally performed by surgical methods. Other methods to elongate the penis are not scientifically proven.

I do not prefer to attempt to elongate the penis by cutting suspensory ligaments of the penis which has been long performed both due to penis stabilization problems and to prevent any permanent damage to the ligaments.

I personally prefer the technique to bring forward the part going down the pelvis below the penis and not used during the intercourse, leaving the suspensory ligaments of the penis intact, and clearing the area where the penis is linked to the body of excess fat tissues to bring forward the back of the penis. This technique leaves a Z-shaped mark between the lower part of the penis and scrotum (the bags containing testis) and a horizontal mark on the lower part of the body. Since the male genital area is hairy, these marks are hard to be noticed by patients in the long term. Penis elongation by this method takes about 1 hour and require avoiding sexual intercourse for about 4-6 weeks following the operation. Following the operation that require dressing and maintenance for about 10-14 days, stitch opening can be very rarely seen on the tissues elongated due to malnutrition and re-stitching can be needed. There will be no loss of sense.

Correction of Bent Penis

Penis can be deformed or bent due to certain diseases from birth or any trauma, accident, or operation underwent.

In this case, penis bends are attempted to be corrected by a series of operations that can be explained as rearrangement of the ligaments inside the penis. Patients must be informed that the operation may be incapable of providing a 100% solution depending on the reason, and erection and intercourse can be painful following the operation, and a series of operations can be needed.


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