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Face is the primary occupation of the plastic surgery. Many patients see the first signs of aging on their face when they look in the mirror and feel disturbed. In this context, aesthetic changes in face provide high satisfaction and the most significant aspect in this step is careful planning in the light of complaints of the patient. The primary target of face lifting or rhytidectomy as medically named is to remove any wrinkles or sagginess on the face and neck area.

Even though mild degenerations and wrinkles on certain parts of the face can be removed by filling, fat injections, hanging, and botulinum toxin applications in recent years, the said techniques may not provide a permanent solution for cases with severe deformation or excess skin. Partial restoration that can be obtained especially on the upper part of the face on such patients will not be parallel with the lower part of the face and the neck and consequently may lead to an unnatural look.

YThe aim in face lifting operations is not to make a patient look 5-10 years etc. younger but much better than people of their age.

Who Can Be A Candidate For Face Lifting Operation?

Ideal people for face lifting operation are those who see the onset of saggy face and neck but still have partially elastic skin without no other health conditions. It is generally performed on the patient population above 40 while it can be applied for younger ages who have an apparent deformation in their look.


  • In the first pre-operation visit, general health condition and face area of the patient will be examined. Herbal or medical remedies used, chronic diseases, past operations, and smoking status will be queried in detail in this step. Patients with no abnormality identified will be informed about the operation and the potential risks of the operation and subsequent protocols to be applied. Patients who are not eligible for surgery will be informed of alternative treatments. If a patient decides to have the operation as the result of first visit, photos will be taken and the operation date be scheduled.

    The second pre-operation visit will be scheduled on a date as close as possible to the operation date. Any additional condition or medication that may arise as of the first visit will be queried and a detail information on the operation will be given again. New questions will occur to many patients within this time and this second visit is a very important opportunity to answer them. Anesthesia examinations will be carried out during the second visit and operation date will be finalized for patients with no problem identified in tests.


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