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Butts that are one of the most important parts of the woman body might be more determinant even than breasts in definition of the woman figure, considering their shape, volume, tightness, any withdrawal or cellulitic look on them, or their relation with waist, hip and thigh regions. The desire for a round, full and tight butt that is not saggy and fits well with the waist and hip curves is on the continuous increase.

The reason of why operations in this field of the aesthetic surgery is patients’ privacy feelings about this area and also physicians’ having less experience in this field. As the interest in interventions in the butt area has been recently increasing, in addition to liposuction and fat injection that have been the sole methods in hand for years, the need for other operations is increasing.

The decision of what kind of intervention will be performed on a patient must be given by consultation between the patient and the physician.

Brazilian-Type Butt Lifting

This operation is performed based on the principle of particularly intramuscular injection of the fats removed by liposuction from other parts of the body, especially the waist curve and hip region into especially the upper part of the butt.

The aim is not to enlarge the butt only but also shape the body. Therefore, it is critical in this method to determine before the operation how much fat will be sucked out of which parts of the patient and how much of that fat will be injected into which parts of the butt.

It is a fact that part of the fats injected will dissolve and disappear during the recovery period. The remaining is known to be permanent in the butt area. This operation can be repeated in future, i.e. can be applied multiple times.

Butt Prosthesis Operation

The operation will take place under general anesthesia. It is usually performed by entering in between two hip extensions, the cut remaining inside the underwear. Each lob will be inserted in the pocket formed INSIDE the butt muscle (not above or below the muscle).

The cut opened will be aesthetically stitched, and normally two drains are placed in the operation area, and a special operation corset will be put on.

1 or 2 day stay at the hospital is usually enough following the operation. Drains placed during the operation will be withdrawn when the fluid amount coming into them decreases. Patients will need to pay attention to their dressings for 10-15 days and usually spend this time resting at home.

Butt Lifting

In case of a saggy butt, the surgical operations needed will be determined depending on the severity of sagginess. If the lower curve line of the butt extends to the back median point of the leg, it can be called a saggy butt, i.e. ptosis. Butt silicone implant can be considered if the patient is young and has a mild ptosis while in heavier forms, lifting operations to be performed by removal of the skin can be necessary. The butt can be uplifted by lines to be planned above or below the butt region depending on the severity of the deformity. The greatest drawback of the method is the scars to remain in the operation area regardless of in which part of the butt the operation is performed. Those scars sometimes can be as an arch right above the butt or above the line under the butt. And since this area is the sitting part and also close to the boundary of the moving area, it entails the fact that we can face problems about stitch healing or opening.


  • It is important that the patient informs the doctor in detail of their chronic diseases if any (coronary, lung, goiter, anemia), which treatments they receive, and especially any previous operations performed on the abdominal region. If the patient has any specific disease related to lung, coronary or intestinal systems, these must be brought under control a certain time before the operation. Among them, particularly the diseases causing any respiratory problems or coughing such as chronic bronchitis have importance as well as hypertension causing bleeding or chronic constipation that may give damage to stitches following the operation.

    It must be noted that diabetes mellitus that is not under control can lead to complications in the post-operation recovery period.

    Blood thinners including should not be used in two weeks before and after the operation.

    Any kind of vitamin supplements or herbal medicines should also be cut off two weeks before the operation. If anticontraception pills are used, it is recommended to quit them one cycle before the operation.

    Quitting smoking 1 month before the operation is particularly important to ensure healing of scars and prevent other undesired post-operation complications.


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